Wayne Grudem talks about five wrong views about Christian influence on politics. Dr. Wayne Grudem's book, Politics - According to the Bible (Zondervan, ). Wayne Grudem talks about five wrong views Date, Lesson Title. Audio. PDF. Politics - According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture [Wayne Grudem] on venxilinapsee.tk Politics - According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture by Wayne A. Grudem. Read online, or download in secure ePub format.

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Politics—According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Wayne Grudem. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, pp. £/$ download pdf. with their Creator. One of the key resources we will use is Wayne Grudem's excellent comprehensive work, “Politics According to the Bible.” We will also share. Comprehensive and readable Politics According to the Bible presents a political philosophy from the Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture - eBook ( ) by Wayne Grudem. Zondervan Academic / / ePub. 4 out of 5.

The Lex Talionis established degrees of punishment, but it goes back to this fundamental teaching in Genesis 9.

Because man is made in the image of God, harm done against another human is a criminal act, and is punishable by death, says the Lord. Thus in establishing a basis for government, Grudem points out that from the very beginning, God was a law-maker, who entrusted men to rule well on the earththis after all is part of what it means to be made in the image of God cf.

Gen From this passage, Grudem lists 3 principles: 1 Anarchy is a highly destructive evil; 2 Governments should execute justice and defend the weak cf.

Ps ; and 3 Government should execute swift punishment as a deterrent to crime cf. Ecc These read as follows: Romans [1] Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.

For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority?

Three Books on Politics

Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, [4] for he is Gods servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain.

For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out Gods wrath on the wrongdoer. Spending most of his time on Romans 13, Grudem lists 6 principles: 1 God has appointed the authorities who have governmental power. John 2 Civil rulers are a terror to bad conduct. Genesis 3 They give approval or praise.

Grudem is quick to point out that these elements of government do not result in good governments, but they do show the way God has instituted governments to function in the world. Grudem also shows how governmental authority relates to personal ethics.

Reading Romans 13 in context, he notes that three verses prior to this instruction, Paul says, Beloved, never avenge yourself, but leave it to the wrath of God Rom It is appropriate to see this negative command towards personal vengeance in two ways: 1 God will avenge all injustice at the end of the age and by means of the cross of Jesus Christ for the sins of believers , but also 2 God institutes kings and elected officials to dispose his wrath in this age.

Grudem articulates, While Paul tells Christians not to take personal vengeance when wrong has been done to them, he tells them they should rather allow the wrongdoer to be punished by the wrath of God. Then just a few sentences later in Rom. This means that it is often right for Christians to turn to the civil government to ask for justice to be done when they have suffered wrong at the hands of others.

Politics According to the Bible (3): Biblical Principles: Leave a comment

The civil government, in this life, is the means that God has established to carry out justice in such cases In short, he distinguishes the covenantal differences between Old Testament Israel and every other nation that has ever existed.

Only Israel was a true theocracy. Therefore, there are principles to be gleaned from the Torah, but many specifics are impossible to implement without a temple, a Davidic king, an Aaronic priesthood, and an ark of the covenant. Moreover, he sees in the New Testament a move away from the Old Testament laws when Paul instructs the Galatians and the Colossians that celebrating particular days will not save cf. Gal ; Col.

Romans tells us that rulers are in place as Gods servant for your good. In other words, government exists to promote the good of the people. Grudem points to the difference between Samuels good leadership 1 Sam and his warning about the greed of the kings of the nations 1 Sam According to the Bible, rulers who serve themselves are not fit for the office. Sadly, this practice is commonplace in our country and in every civilization that has existed since Cain built the first city cf.

Instead of personal gain, governments are instituted to defend and promote the liberty of human beings. Grudem again goes to the Bible to make his case appealing to pattern in Scripture that loss of freedom is always a kind of judgment or curse, while liberation is a blessing. He then points at passages like Deuteronomy and Joshua , to argue that God intends that men and women are created and called to make free moral choices This applies today to the measure of governance a country should have, and makes a case for limited government, based on the principle that the more a government increases regulations, the more it obstructs the freedoms of the people He sees this as an increasing problem and gives numerous contemporary examples Therefore, since the goal of government is societal good, citizens Christian and otherwise should submit themselves to their ruling leaders 1 Pet , but this command is not absolute.

Pointing to Peter and John Acts ; , Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Daniel , and the Hebrew midwives Exod , 21 , Grudem shows that at times it is appropriate to obey God rather than man Acts This is always true when the government commands Christians to do things that go against the Bible and conscience. And sometimes, this civil disobedience leads to overthrowing governments in power. There really is a great deal of reference material in here and some truly sobering facts.

The down side to the book was how a Christian is actually supposed to respond. He argues that Christians should have significant influence in their government, and he presents some texts that indicate as much. And that is great! But he approaches the Scriptures with a very pick-and-choose attitude as to which texts actually apply to politics.

Particularly disturbing was his dealings with the very school of thought that can actually do much more than simply criticize the current government situation but that can truly offer a substantial alternative with solid authority behind it - the school of thought known as Theonomy.

Grudem was very un-scholarly in his approach in dismissing theonomic principles when it comes to politics. His arguments were basically: 1 Theonomy doesn't recognize a separation of church state p.

I find this very odd since even the New Testament says that the Old Testament laws are "just" laws Heb. Why he warrants Old Testament laws to be a bad pattern is beyond me.

Oh how I wish this kind of logic was around when Martin Luther was teaching the Bible to the masses - "We probably shouldn't pay attention to what he's saying since most or all recognized leaders in the Roman Catholic Church have clearly distanced themselves from his position on justification.

But once we take that authority away it becomes a slippery slope. Either way, in the case of Grudem in this book, for someone who opposes theonomy so strongly he did sure like to use the Old Testament when it was convenient to his case. But I feel that this only continues to show the world the inconsistency of the evangelical Christian faith in America.

See a Problem?

We want to evangelize but not make disciples who wants to teach doctrine? We want to use the Old Testament as a pattern for societal justice, but only if it's convenient to our own cause. Example: there shouldn't be an estate tax, and the government shouldn't have so many regulations on the free market; but we shouldn't have such "severe" penalties for crimes like kidnapping, rape, murder, adultery, homosexuality, and we should be allowed to go anywhere in the world to spread democracy whether other countries like it or not.

This is truly Republican principles supposedly backed by the authority of Scripture. The problem is, as Grudem points out, Scripture does not authorize an estate tax nor intrusion in the economic marketplace.On this point, Grudem concludes with a fascinating world statistic.

Democratic government is derived from the Bibles teaching, not explicitly mandated; and cannot be, because the system of government that the whole Bible is driving at is the one that begins when Christ comes to reign in Zion.

Here Grudem quotes Deuteronomy 17, where kings are called to copy the Mosaic Law in order to rule in accordance with its commandments.

Liberation theologians will appeal to Moses and the exodus to affirm the radical resistance of the powers that be, but they are applying the commands to Moses in ways that are not consistent with the whole counsel of Scripture. To prove his point, Grudem examines the history of Americas birth and gives a compelling case for the morality of of lower government officials resisting higher officials for the sake of the greater good Wayne Grudem February 27, 1.

But once we take that authority away it becomes a slippery slope.

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