Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau. Castles & Crusades - CZA1 - Castle Zagyg - Dark - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Dark Chateau is a page PDF adventure with a color cover and black & white interior. The module has no bookmarks or table of contents.

Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau Pdf

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From publisher blurb: Adventure module for Castles & Crusades based in the Castle Zagyg setting created by Gary Gygax (and based on Greyhawk). For Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau – Download as PDF, Text or read online. Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau by Rob Kuntz. Castle Zagyg - Class Options & Skills for, , MB. Castle Zagyg - Dark, , MB.

In the past they have raided the manse and its immediate adjunct parts, such as the horse stable, the hawk pen, and the garden. Zagyg ended most of these depredations by placing a goblin scarecrow near the point where they entered his property from the northern hills. They have infiltrated the mansion and investigated the area outside the manse, the main floor and the basement.

As well, they have made a small camp in the Watery Caverns see Appendix B and one of their kind has taken over the limestone caverns beneath the well M They have not dared the darkness of the 2 nd floor and thus cannot easily access the attic.

For the most part, their fear is gone regarding the place, so their kind investigates it like a ruin, looting and cavorting, laying claim to its areas and items and generally causing mayhem as only goblins can do.

Though their presence will almost always be felt here, they have also done a service for future adventurers, as they have set off traps and overcome obstacles which might have otherwise impeded a group of stalwarts such as the characters.

Many of their kind have died investigating this place, and it is now a challenge to tougher goblins, a test to overcome its obstacles. In all, it is a great series of events which has the goblin community for miles around active and excited. But that story is meant for a future written work on the subject. Approaching the Manse The location for the manse on the City of Yggsburgh environs map is anywhere north along the Old Castle Track between the Menhir Hills Road and Castle Zagyg, the chateau being about two miles off the main track on a much overgrown and now barely discernable cart path that snakes between the hills.

Castle Zagyg: Dark Chateau (2005, Troll Lord Games) Castles & Crusades! NEW!

The immediate area about the mansion is wooded and hilly. The manse is sequestered therein, in a grassy vale just before a ridge line of hills to the north. The site was chosen for its seclusion and it is not possible to see the chateau itself at ground-level until an observer is within at least one hundred yards of it. If the characters opt to observe it from a greater height, they will see it sooner, but even then the hills nearest to the mansion, which have the highest summits, allow for spotting to be done no closer than yards away under the best of circumstances unless magic is employed, of course.


From a distance the characters see a three-story mansion with a garden, gazebo, stables and various smaller structures such as sheds and pens around it. The grounds have been planted with a variety of trees and a well-worn riding path proceeds to the north and away from the manse.

There is what appears to be a shallow pond just north of the gazebo, which must be fed by the many small run-offs from the nearby hills.

The main entrance into the manse appears to be directly on its south side, right near the stables. There are no random encounters on the 2 nd Floor or in the Attic. Most encounters will be outside, on the main-floor and in basement.

The Well Caverns level has specific notes regarding wandering snakes there, but otherwise no wandering monsters should occur on that level. The module has no bookmarks or table of contents. Layout is simple with no borders or distracting backgrounds. The fonts are readable and I found few typos.

Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau

It is best suited for a low-level party of 1st-3rd level characters. Dark Chateau is intended for Gary Gygax? The adventure itself is a dungeon crawl through several floors of a seemingly abandoned mansion.

In an effort to keep this review spoiler free, I won? Depending on how thorough they are, there should be enough to keep them occupied for at least a couple of play sessions. There is also plenty of setting flavor in the form of notes and other clues that should be interesting for players in a continuing Castle Zagyg campaign. The author of Dark Chateau is Rob Kuntz.

For the uninitiated, he is one of the grandfather? He was actually co-DM of the original Greyhawk campaign.

The adventure? There are meticulous lists of room contents, some inside jokes and plenty of entertaining set pieces.Black webbing anchored a bone spider as it rapidly descended to claim its prize, swaying its bony legs menacingly.

The Elf was treated by the Dwarven Clerics, and once everyone settled down, a doorway heading North became the parties focus. The image opens its mouth as if reading while The library is occupied by Zagygs ghostly brother, Nestor.

The elf proffered a single gp into the burning brazier when asked to do so, but the heavy mutton-loving human fighter quickly started a short brawl when he offered only to eat the food for free, or kill them all. The local Druids Circle is investigating, but as we've come to expect from them, any news will be slow to trickle down to The Yggsburgh Gazette.

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In the past they have raided the manse and its immediate adjunct parts, such as the horse stable, the hawk pen, and the garden. Find it east of the stairs in the basement gift, a ring, and shared in their songs.

After discovering not 1, but 3 serpent wrapped, silver filigree mirrors hidden in a secret alcove.

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