BOOK OF. MIRDAD. THE STRANGE STORY OF A MONASTERY. WHICH WAS ONCE CALLED THE ARK. MIKHAIL NAIMY. The Book of Mirdad: The Strange Story of a Monastery Which Was Once Mikhail Naimy's timeless classic, an allegory often compared to the works of his friend Khalil Gibran. are available for instant access. view site eBook | view Audible audiobook .. Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. A classic of spiritual literature – Mikhail Naimy, a contemporary of Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet, has woven legend, mysticism, philosophy and poetry into .

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The Book of Mirdad is an allegorical book of philosophy by Lebanese author Mikha'il Na'ima. Mirdad: Mikhail Naimy's Famous Work 'The Book of Mirdad' Made Into a Play in Three Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Read "The Book of Mirdad" by Mikhail Naimy available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first download. 'Millions of people have tried. Once Called the Ark by Mikhail Naimy epub, read online The Book of Mirdad: Ark online pdf by Mikhail Naimy, download The Book of Mirdad: The Strange.

The meaning of the book is running side by side in silence between the words, between the lines, in the gaps. If you are in a state of meditativeness - if you are not only reading a fiction but you are encountering the whole religious experience of a great human being, absorbing it; not intellectually understanding but existentially drinking it - the words are there but they become secondary.

Something else becomes primary: the silence that those words create, the music that those words create. The words affect your mind, and the music goes directly to your heart. And it is a book to be read by the heart, not by the mind. It is a book not to be understood, but experienced. It is something phenomenal.

Millions of people have tried to write books so that they can express the inexpressible, but they have utterly failed. I know only one book, The Book of Mirdad, which has not failed; and if you cannot get to the very essence of it, it will be your failure, not his. He has created a perfect device of words, parables, situations.

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If you allow it, the book becomes alive and something starts happening to your being. And naturally, because you have never come to such a state, you are puzzled about what it is - sadness?

There are tears, but those tears can be either of sadness or they can be of immense joy. You have come to a point where you have never been before, so naturally you cannot categorize it. You cannot put a label on it according to your old experiences.

But the name does not mean anything. What matters is that you have taken a step beyond yourself. You have never been in this space; you have entered into the unknown, and it is so unknown that you don't have the vocabulary even to give it a name.

Just see the point: It may look like sadness Life has happened today. And it brings a great sadness And a sadness arises that, "Why could I not reach this space before?

You were confined in such a small prison - and nobody was imprisoning you. You were the prisoner and you were the imprisoned.


You were the jailer and you were the jailed. But looking to the present A music without any instruments, a song without any words For the first time you start feeling that, "Up to now I have been living in the head; and only this moment the doors of my heart are open.

Because of the story a proverb has come into existence - that when the musician becomes perfect, he burns his instruments; they become not only useless, they become a nuisance because they only create noise.

Only between the noise are there a few moments of music - why not have it all? And when the archer becomes a perfect master, he drops his bow and his arrows and forgets all about it.

A strange proverb - because ordinarily we think that when we become perfect our instruments will also attain a perfection with us; their working will also become perfect. A musician when he is perfect forgets his instruments; now silence is his music. The Book of Mirdad is one of the greatest devices that have been created down the ages. Don't read it like any other book. Don't read it like Shri Bhagavadgita or the Holy Bible. Read it as beautiful poetry, as music spread on the pages.

Read it as a message from a master of meditation. The words are code words.

Don't look for their meaning in the dictionary. Their meaning is when they strike something in your heart. That's why you felt, reading Mirdad, that your breathing changed. It has to be understood very carefully: your breathing changes with each of your emotions.

the name Mirdad? And do

When you are angry, watch: you will have a different kind of breathing, unrhythmic, chaotic. When you are in love, just holding the hand of your beloved, your breathing will be different - peaceful, silent, musical, harmonious. And these are small things; I am just giving you examples to understand.

When you are sitting with the master, the breathing becomes so harmonious that sometimes you may think it has stopped. There will be moments when suddenly you become aware - "Has my breathing stopped?

This happened to you reading Mirdad, that you felt your breathing was changing. It was beautiful. And because your breathing changed, that's why you came to a point where you were indecisive. Whether you were sad or silent, blissful, ecstatic, you could not decide, because the thing was so new and you had no category to put it in.

But I will tell you: You were sad, sad because you have wasted your whole life - and this space was so close; you were just to reach and it was going to be available to you.

You were sad, just like a beggar will be sad who comes to know that he is the emperor and there has been some mistake; the beggar is sitting on the throne and the emperor is begging in the streets. All those years of begging You also felt silence, because The Book of Mirdad has been created by a man who knows the inner workings of human consciousness. A Songh Without Words , Osho, , , pages. The Living Universe Where are We? Who are We?

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Millions of people have tried to write books so that they can express the inexpressible, but they have utterly failed.

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