Acosta, Oscar Zeta - Chicano 01 - The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo Brown on Brown: Chicano a Representations of Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity. Before his mysterious disappearance and probable death in , Oscar Zeta Acosta was famous as a Robin Hood Chicano lawyer and notorious as the. by Oscar Zeta Acosta. Before his mysterious disappearance and probable death in , Oscar Zeta Acosta was famous as a Robin Hood Chicano layer and notorious as the real-life model for Hunter S. Thompson's "Dr. Gonzo," a fat, pugnacious attorney with a gargantuan appetite for.

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Oscar Zeta Acosta (April 8, ) was a writer, lawyer, and political activist. of the Chicano Protest Movement, Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo (), and. print Print; document PDF. This Page Only · Entire Study Guide · list Cite; link Link . Oscar “Zeta” Acosta's first novel, The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo, is a. Download PDF. Main. PDF. Citation. EndNote The Autobiography of the Brown Buffalo [La autobiografía de bisonte pardo]. San Francisco: Straight Arrow.

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The autobiography of a brown buffalo.

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Acosta, Oscar Zeta - Chicano 01 - The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo

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In Wilmington, the narrator attends a Fourth of July party at a mansion with the rich friends of Karen.

The party features peyote-spiked guacamole. The peyote and the drinking cause the narrator's ulcers to act up. He throws up and is comforted by Karin. The narrator says that what he really needs is a doctor to help him with his ulcers. The next day the narrator wakes up on Hemingway's grave. He does not remember how he got there. The section ends with him behind the wheel of his car heading to Alpine.

Chapters [ edit ] The events of chapters take place over, approximately, a week in Alpine. The narrator arrives in Alpine filled with self-pity. He finds that he has no one to blame and that by some measures he has been successful for someone who started where he did. Nonetheless, he is deeply dissatisfied.

The first thing the narrator does in Alpine is go to a motel and sleep for twenty-four hours. When he wakes up he heads to the Daisy Duck bar to look for Bobby Miller.

At the bar he finds Bobbi, a waitress, who is Bobby's girlfriend. The narrator talks and dances with her. Bobbi then introduces the narrator to Bobby and a man called the King, who have just come into the bar. The narrator is struck by Bobby's calm and gentle disposition.

King on the other hand is a rough biker, who makes threatening remarks about running greasers out of town.

Miller invites the narrator to crash at his place but the narrator decides to stay in the motel. The narrator continues describing his life story. After his discharge from the Air Force, the narrator returned to Riverbank.

Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo

He discovered that his brother had stolen all of his savings from a joint bank account. The narrator decided to attend a local community college. There he was influenced deeply by a creative writing professor, Doc Jennings. Doc Jennings encouraged the students to think for themselves and not to blindly accept convention wisdom. At one point, the teacher called the narrator to his office to encourage him to leave school if he wants to be a writer.

After a year of classes the narrator finally took Doc Jennings advice and left school. He went to Los Angeles and took the exam to enter the police department. While driving in Los Angeles, the narrator was pulled over by an unmarked police car. The narrator, who was drunk, tried to drive away. Eventually he was stopped by a road block.

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When the case came to court the narrator refused the public defender and decided to represent himself. Several judges tried to talk him out of going to trial.

The narrator went ahead with the case and was able to convince the jury that he was not guilty because the police car was unmarked, and, therefore, it was natural for someone who grew up in a rough area to try to flee.

Immediately after the trial the narrator went looking for his friend Al.

He learned from the landlord that Al had been on a drinking binge for a full month. The narrator found Al passed out in his apartment. The floor was covered with eggshells; apparently the only type of food Al had been eating. The narrator took Al to the county hospital but they would not admit him because he was drunk. Then narrator took to Al to a psychiatric hospital next door. There the narrator had to convince the admitting doctor that Al was insane in order to have him admitted.

During the observation period Al's sister visited but she sneaked past the nurse when she came in. This caused the doctors to think Al was imagining he had visitors. As a result, Al had to serve two months in a criminal psychiatric hospital.

The incident with Al and his own arrest convinced the narrator to him to leave Los Angeles. The narrator went to San Francisco and enrolled at San Francisco State to study math and creative writing.

The narrator wrote a manuscript about his relationship with Alice and the fights between Mexicans and Oakies in his home town. The narrator showed the manuscript to a supportive creative writing professor. The professor thought highly of the work but said that no one would publish a book about Mexicans.

Giving up on writing, the narrator decided to go to law school. He attended night classes at San Francisco Law School and worked during the day as a copy boy at a newspaper. After five years he graduated from law school. Shortly after arriving in Alpine the narrator crashed his car. He had been smoking marijuana that Scott, a friend of Bobby, had brought from India. He had also mistakenly taken two tabs of acid that were in an aspirin bottle.

When the narrator comes off his trip, he finds he is in King's basement. Exploring the basement, he finds some recording equipment and drugs. He takes the drugs and listens to music. When he comes to, he is sitting with King on the porch. King tells him the sheriff is looking for him.

The narrator and King strike up a friendship. Both are serious about drinking. After talking and drinking for a while, the two head to town for more beer in spite of the risk of being spotted by the sheriff. After picking up more beer at the local grocery store, they head to a park where a group of hippies are gathering after a protest at the house of Gene McNamara.

At the gathering the narrator gets into an altercation because the hippies think he is hassling a pair of nuns. King takes the narrator to the bus station. While waiting for the bus to leave, King and the narrator continue talking. They have become friends and exchange symbolic gifts. Just before the bus leaves King the gives the narrator his phone number. Chapter 16[ edit ] The final section, while comprised a relatively few pages, covers a longer period than the other sections.

And did I become a lawyer just to prove to the publishers I could do something worthwhile? Any idiot that sees only the obvious is blind. For God sake, I have never seen and I have never felt inferior to any man or beast. I have no opinion on the subject. I used to keep my eye on Harris when I told my stories. State and taken his writing course, he asked me if I wanted to read his first draft of Wake Up, Stupid!

I kept it for a week and returned it to him at the next short story seminar. I only read the first paragraph. After that, I was no longer afraid of the intellectuals. I knew I could tell a better story.The Successful Golfer: Zebra 2: During the Civil War, Cody served first as a Union scout in campaigns against the Kiowa and Comanche, then in he enlisted with the Seventh Kansas Cavalry, which saw action in Missouri and Tennessee.

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The narrator goes to a bar, which he observes is the same as any bar in any city in the United States. The narrator splits up from Karin in Ketchum, Idaho but she leaves him a note inviting him to meet her at her brother's house in nearby Wilmington. After a year of classes the narrator finally took Doc Jennings advice and left school.

When the case came to court the narrator refused the public defender and decided to represent himself. Wer bist du wirklich?: No one is home. After the war, he married Louisa Frederici in St.

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