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We see a completely new consumer behavior, and the retail industry is forced to compete accordingly. In order to survive, 8 Oriame Annual Report Oriame Annual Report 9 they are forced to cut prices or compete in other ways, for instance by offering added value such as convenience, timesaving or customization. Direct selling is meeting new market conditions in a rather progressive man- ner, adjusting the shopping experience to the consumer regarding timing, place, entertainment and personal approach.

As the competition for consumers attention and condence increases, direct selling is offering a unique way of gaining loyal customers. The main marketing channel is the direct seller, whose word of mouth is highly credible, based on the personal experience conrmed by the wide and well-known network of references. There are many proofs of the new con- sumer behavior putting traditional retail to the test, for instance the growing mar- ket for home deliveries, personal shop- pers and not the least online-shopping, today the most customised, routine and predictable way to shop.

For instance, Swedish e-commerce increased by 15 percent in , while retail as a whole increased by merely 3. Direct selling in tune with time In summary, todays way of life with its advantages as well as limitations has resulted in a change in consumer behavior and an increased demand for timesaving services. Therefore, by addressing each household as a point of sale, combining entertainment and shopping and last but not least using reliable connections as door openers to new clients, direct selling will keep growing, in tune with time.

Direct selling is meeting new market condi- tions in a rather progressive manner, adjusting the shopping experience to the consumer regarding timing, place, entertainment and personal approach.

Make money today and full your dreams tomorrow TM Oriames direct sales model is an important key to our success. New consultants are provided with the opportunity to make money the same day they join, while starting to build a sales net- work and striving towards fullling their dreams.

It is also a powerful marketing method, as cus- tomers get personal advice from someone they know and trust.

Oriames success is based on a strong and consistent company culture, promot- ing an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear set of values. Our mission and passion is to full dreams for people around the world, a dream often focused on building a better quality of life by belonging to the Oriame sales network. Some people think Oriame is a cosmetics company. That is true we do sell beauty products. In fact, we sell beauty products to millions of people all over the world.

But that is not all we do.

Oriflame catalogue, offers and sale

We offer people a chance to change their life whether its entrepreneurial challenges for our con- sultants, attractive career opportunities for our employees or unique shopping experiences for our customers our busi- ness is about making money and fullling dreams. Our direct sales model has proven its sustainability and validity for more than 40 years. It is a successful marketing method in emerging, as well as mature, markets. Becoming an Oriame consult- ant could provide a way of supporting the family, while fullling a career dream.

However, it is also a way to achieve a more exible life or make extra money while studying, being in between jobs or simply to extend ones social life.

For consum- ers, the driving force is a more exible, relaxed and individual way of shopping, receiving personal advice from someone they know. However, the main three driv- ers for joining Oriame regardless of market are the products, the nancial rewards and the social benets of being a consultant, i.

Oriflame is a proud member of the Indian Direct Selling Association, reflecting our commitment to practising the highest level of business ethics.

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Huma Qureshi Actress Huma is wearing: Light, nongreasy formula with a wonderfully soft, velvety feel. We held this question in our minds when developing the new range, rather than bikes that were highly focused on one individual task, but on bikes that have a multitude of uses, bikes that fit into our daily lives.

Script The Script has come along way since the original bike in , but the concept for a clean and simple alloy track bike has remained the same. For this reason the tubing is kept simple but effective, thanks to the series multi-butted aluminum which is light but very strong. Due to larger diameter head and down tubes, the frame is very stiff, ensuring all the power goes to the rear wheel and not lost flexing the frame. The tapered head tube and fork allow for a stiffer front end too, and the integrated headset ensures a super clean look at the same time.

At the back of the frame the CNC machined dropouts are welded, and along with the other tubes, polished to leave a super smooth finish that really set the Script apart from the crowd. To put all this power down are the updated Drome wheels which run on high quality sealed bearings and now use a wider rim profile which is optimized for the 25c tires.

Perhaps most noticeable is the sloping top tube, and the tapered head tube. These are designed for very different reasons, the tapered head tube works together with a tapered carbon fork for stiffer, and more direct handling.

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The sloping top tube is a result of reducing the seat tube length, which allows for a little extra riding comfort, Needle From the moment the Needle was launched it caught the eye of track and criterium riders due to its steel, rather than alloy frame. The Reynolds tube-set is double butted and heat-treated for a higher strength to weight ratio. This strength produces a very stiff frame, and thanks to the inherent dampening properties of steel, also very comfortable.

This dampening characteristic means the frame is very compliant and stable through corners, and on rougher surfaces, which ultimately makes for a fast bike.

The dropouts have been updated too and are brazed into the rear stays for a cleaner, smoother look. The drive train of the Needle is the proven Sram Omnium T6 alloy crankset and 48t sprocket which drives a 17t heat treated crmo rear cog.

Each turn of the cranks transfers the drive through to our own Drome wheelset. The wheelset rolls on high quality sealed bearing hubs that are laced into a wider rim with 25c tires, for reduced rolling resistance and improved comfort. Clem survived the race finishing in an impressive 14th position, a true testament to man and machine, his Bombtrack Audax.

What did your preparation for the TCR involve? Clem prepares for the race start in Flanders Transcontinental with Clement Shovel My preparation started with my registration to compete in the race, i. It can be divided into three parts: 1. As for the first, I did a great deal of research online and gathered information from different forums and blogs. My equipment choices were largely inspired by tips and stories of other riders and travellers.

The choice of bicycle was the easiest.

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To get prepared for the race route I studied the maps and used online route planning software. As to the physical training, I tried to ride to the limit on top of my usual rides and to do long distances upwards of kilometres without getting nauseous. In addition to cycling I also did some running, cardio workouts and muscle training, plus a good dental and medical check-up before I set off.

Was it your first long distance endurance race ever? Maybe something off road next time could be fun. How many starters were taking part? Can you describe the situation and relationship between the riders — was it rather competitive, friendly or both? There were about solo participants and about fifty duos.

People were generally really friendly. Although the language barrier was a challenge at times, there has always been a word of encouragement when we crossed paths. Some situations we experienced brought us closer together like the difference in altitude or the weather conditions.

Please let us know more about the numbers: how many kilometres, how many meters of elevation, days of racing, average speed and such did you do? But I prefer bicycles to maths. How many hours did you sleep on average per night, and how many hours did you sit on your bike per day? I organized my days around sunrise and sunset. I went to sleep at around 10 to 11 p. I slept about 6 hours per night on average, which left me around 18 hours for cycling. But the cycling efficiency varies with the weather and the physical condition.

In order to reach the number of daily kilometres I had set myself, the length of the breaks I took varied too. You have crossed so many countries, reached so many different heights and the weather changed a lot too - how did you cope with these challenges as your bike did not really look fully packed?

Rain is the hardest thing to handle when it comes to the equipment. For example, I had to ditch my battery charger, my batteries and my mobile phone charger because they got wet. So I had to come up with another solution as I went along.

Luckily, my other bags delivered on their water-proofing promise, so I was able to keep at least my clothes and sleeping equipment dry. On this race, however, the sun and the extreme temperatures max. I was lucky to be able to tolerate the heat relatively well, and good hydration helped me cope with the temperatures. Thanks to the tent I was able to sleep through nights of wind and rain, while in dry nights I only used my sleeping bag.

What equipment did you actually take along? Does it differ from the equipment of other riders - or did you have any special item with you for a certain reason? My packing list has been inspired by stories of the Trans Am and the Tour Divide.

The only special item was a dynamo powered USB charger, which I had made myself. No unusual lucky charm or some such thing like that though.

Where did you sleep? I slept in the fields, in pastures, under a motorway interchange, next to an abandoned building in the middle of the city, by the roadside, and twice in a hotel.

The two nights spent in a hotel allowed me to take a shower and dry my stuff. How many times did you eat a day, and what? I loved how the geometry of the Audax looked on paper, and it turned out to be just as expected.

Petrol stations were my main source of food supplies. I had quite a few Viennese pastries in the first few countries France, Italy, and Slovenia , picked fruit from the roadside and when I took some time to sit down to eat I had the occasional pizza or a burger—food that is easy to find, can be eaten quickly and has lots of calories. To stay hydrated I drank lots of lemonade and energy drinks, and in the hot countries up to 8 litres of water a day.

I refilled my bidon at cemeteries, at mountain springs, wells, and on food supply points. Did you encounter any dangerous situations during the race? The whole route is actually dangerous and there have been lots of accidents this year.

Oriflame Catalog

The most dangerous situations, however, have been the dog attacks. I had quite a few, one of them in Greece, where seven dogs attacked me.

Do hear anything of the other riders, of any crashes, injuries and such things?

One Czech rider, now a friend, crashed and had to change a wheel. Another one crashed twice within the final kilometre before the finish. Others were so weary of the constant dog attacks that they even tried to kill some of them— more or less successfully. There are plenty of such stories.

I have great respect for those riders who managed to overcome a bad situation, then got on their bike again and finished the race, and I have a thought for those who had to quit prematurely. I really like steel frame bikes, they are comfortable and reliable.

I liked its neoclassical look and its shape as a whole. Did you make any changes or adjustments to the standard bike? I attached a Berthoud leather saddle, and installed a set of wheels with a hub dynamo so as to have an autonomous energy source. I attached lighting and extensions aerobar.

Finally, I replaced the Shimano STIs with some Genevalle shifters, as I found them more reliable and easier to fix and adjust in case of failure. My next target is going to be the 3 Peaks in England, which I have participated in for the past four years. Now in its third generation the Arise has been revised to further enhance that versatility. The updated geometry gives a better range of sizes, with top tube lengths getting a little shorter for a more comfortable reach.

Thanks to a sliding dropout the chain stay lengths can be varied for different kinds of riding, a little longer for a more comfortable touring set up, or shorter for a more playful and nimble feel.

The frame retains the tubing and the front triangle is butted and heat-treated for a better strength to weight ratio.When out in remote locations having tough and durable equipment is essential, so for this reason the Beyond uses the SRAM X7 rear derailleur, which is renowned for smooth Beyond When the lure of a journey into the wilderness takes hold, then the Beyond is the tool to make the journey happen.

I had quite a few Viennese pastries in the first few countries France, Italy, and Slovenia , picked fruit from the roadside and when I took some time to sit down to eat I had the occasional pizza or a burger—food that is easy to find, can be eaten quickly and has lots of calories. This makes the frame very strong, and the ride more stable as a result. Use times weekly. I organized my days around sunrise and sunset. SPF 8 helps prevent damaging exposure to the sun.

Very Me Cover Up Concealer Hide imperfections with easy-to-use concealer stick for a fresh, natural look. These are designed for very different reasons, the tapered head tube works together with a tapered carbon fork for stiffer, and more direct handling.

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