Click here to download MAT sample papers with solutions. in details about the test structure and solve sample questions for AIMA MAT click here pdf icon. MAT MBA Exam Papers Download: Your search for the previous year papers of MAT MBA entrance exam is over now! The MBA section of has compiled MAT previous year question papers for last 15 years along with their Answer Keys as released by the exam conducting body i.e. The MAT Entrance Test Previous Question Papers can be.

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Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is the gateway to + management Institutes under AIMA. MAT is conducted every quarter in the months of February, May. Number of questions. Time to answer each question. 50 min. 30 seconds. History of the MAT. According to the Miller Analogies Test Manual () the test . TEST STRUCTURE AND SAMPLE QUESTIONS. MAT is an objective type test designed and devel- oped to ascertain the aptitude of the candidates to undergo .

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Data Analysis and Sufficiency : The DI section of MAT consists of conventional data interpretation like graphs and charts with questions based on finding percentage increase or decrease. This section, in particular, gives you the opportunity to score as high as you can because if you interpret even one table or graph, you can correctly answer 4 to 5 questions following it.

But, you should also be very attentive and careful as the speed breaker questions, most of the times, are in this section only. This is the area of concern for most students while we think it is an opportunity in disguise as this section, like the DI section, will help you score very high. Once you understand one paragraph, you will be able to answer 4 to 5 questions based on the same Passage.

It not only saves time but also gives you a lot of confidence. Reading a lot and observing how words are used in different contexts will be of great help.

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Newspapers, Magazines and TV can be a great help here as well. It is not necessary to read serious stuff but you can also indulge in reading fashion or a sports magazine, besides content on politics, business or current affairs for that matter.

In questions that ask you to select a valid conclusion, always choose the one conclusion that must definitely follow from the information you are given and vice-versa. Do not underestimate the role that endurance plays as half the battle is just making it through all of the sections without becoming overly stressed or fatigued.

Condition yourself by taking practice tests. Don't rush - devote just the right amount of time to each question Don't panic - Keep your cool all the time, even when you don't know the answer.

The minimum qualification for appearing in MAT is graduation in any discipline from any recognized University or equivalent recognized degree.

XAT Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions

A final year student in any undergraduate i. Do they keep on changing or remain the same? Do they have hostel facility?

What about the total fee? Admission criteria for every institute are different.

Important Dates for MAT Exam 2019

The three areas focus on the following: AWA stands for one issue, one argument, where the test taker is asked to compose an essay for each category. Your answer must be well organized, well written and factually based information to score well on this section. Verbal: contains 14 reading comprehension how well you understand the written passage on the test , 10 critical reasoning questions scoring how you make a decision, what types of decisions you are choosing, and choosing the best decision based on the situation given , and 17 sentence correction questions, measuring your grammar savvy.

Quantitative: is contrived of data sufficiency and problem-solving. This section measures your ability to read charts and graphs and given a problem, choosing the best solution. GMAT has a feature that provides candidates with the flexibility to customize their testing experience as they are able to choose the order of testing sections when they take the exam.

Students taking the GMAT can choose what order they would like to take each section, giving the test taker a slight advantage. Many business schools use the GMAT as a large factor in your admittance into their institution.

The GMAT can be the deciding factor between you and another candidate receiving an entry into the college or university. The GMAT is essential in the assessment of an applicant to a business school. You can expect to get different questions based on the answer to your previous question.

MAT Exam 2019 Sep, Exam Result, Admit Card, Syllabus & Selection Procedure

When you answer a question correctly, the next question will have a higher difficulty. Answer incorrectly, your next question will have the same or lower difficulty.

This pattern continues until you answer several questions in a row incorrectly, at which time the test will end. The GMAC, who administers the test, has shortened the exam by a half hour. The GMAT exam is now 3 hours 30 minutes, including breaks. The sections containing verbal reasoning and quantitative questions are also shorter in length of time.

All other testing areas for the GMAT remain the same, as far as testing time. Scoring will be dealt with in the same fashion as previous GMAT exam formats as only the unscored items have been removed by the testing committee. The simple answer is NO, you cannot take the GRE in lieu of the GMAT exam, however, some schools may require you to take both graduate level exams in order to be considered for admission to their program.

These are two different types of tests, although both tests are used for graduate school entry.If an applicant normally has special arrangements when taking a test we would expect any such arrangements e. Choice A is correct.

This provides additional practice in a realistic, test-like interface so you can get used to the timing and layout ahead of test day. MAT Registration: Because traffic accidents are countable, the correct word to use is "number," so E is out.

Step 2: State the Task Determine the sum of the fractions in the question stem sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors , since this makes up all but one part of the whole number of students.

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