Millionaire bad boy Jordan Fawkes has problems. Big problems. That molten-hot intern he hooked up with at Comic-Con is now his assistant. No one can know. 3 - At Any Moment (by Brenna Aubrey) 4 - For the Win (by Brenna Aubrey) Genre: Romance Summary: When Mia Strong, proud geek-girl and popular gaming. Played (Gaming The System Books ) - Brenna Aubrey - dokument [*.pdf] At The Greeks desperately needed the wind to sail for Troy in order to wage war.

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Worth Any Cost (Gaming The System #6) - Brenna Aubrey - dokument [*.pdf] 3) (click to download) For The Win (Jordan and April) (click to download) For The. 2SIFR5ka - Read and download Brenna Aubrey's book For The Win in PDF, EPub online. Free For The Win book by Brenna Aubrey. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I absolutely loved FOR THE WIN. I'm not a gamer but I fell in love For The Win: A Boss Employee Standalone Romance (Gaming The System Book 4) - site edition by Brenna Aubrey. Download it once and read.

She turned to go and suddenly she stumbled, off balance and falling. Before I could even think about it, I bolted out of my seat and caught her before she did a face-plant onto my glass coffee table.

My arms closed around her torso, pulling her away from danger as she cursed. With the three-inch heels, she was only about four inches shorter than me now, the top of her head reaching my nose. As frustrating as she was, it was good to see her take a stand. Now we were staring at each other and it was getting awkward. She shifted against me and my asshole dick decided this would be a great time to perk up again. I could tell she noticed because the look on her face changed.

Her eyes darkened as they dilated and her breathing suddenly quickened. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to resist that all-consuming tingling feeling that was starting at the back of my throat, slithering down my spine, coiling in my center like a traitorous snake. I may have been annoyed with him, but this kiss and his hold on me aroused me in seconds. The other hand traveled down my back, sliding along the silky material of my dress to fondle my ass.

A low growl rose in the back of his throat and suddenly I was finding it hard to remain standing. In my mind, I tried to summon up the memories of all those times he sent me back to the coffee shop. But his smell—that hint of spice and sage and a salty tang—filled my nose, turning my insides into warm goo.

His breath was coming fast, and that mouth—those lips, that tongue—were doing wicked things to me. All at once I was aching, from my breasts to the dull throb between my legs.

Aching with desire, hot, thick and heavy. David was the protective type with his daughter. In the unlikely event I ever had a daughter, heaven help any man who even looked at her funny.

Fortunately for Jordan—and for the company—it all seemed to be going well so far, despite the uneasiness.

Sadie Barnette

Jordan grinned and leaned back in his chair. And that I make his daughter happy—most of the time. David and I were, uh, talking about someone else.

Checking my watch, I saw that we still had another hour before boarding our connection to LAX. Jordan watched me closely as he folded and unfolded the napkin on the table with his free hand.

You always did have the shittiest luck. After a few awkward beats of silence, Jordan shifted in his chair and cleared his throat. I had no desire to talk about this with him.

My brows twitched. After a minute of silence, my eyes left my plate to look at his face. He was dead serious. You need a prenup. Those are only for people who get divorced. It was ridiculous, but I was willing to say anything to shut down this subject. The sooner, the better. Jordan leaned forward, resting his weight on his elbows.

I know how you feel about her and how she feels about you now. More importantly, you know that California is a community property state.

If you two divorce, half of your sizeable share of Draco becomes hers. With the officers, we could override any board directive. I could tell by the uneasy way he shifted in his seat that he avoided pointing out the obvious.

He stalled, picking up his empty glass, taking in an ice cube, and crunching it noisily. Finally, he settled back and ran a hand through his hair. To the company. Do you really?

Reward Yourself

This will give you a chance to mull it over. They are in a position to force the issue, you know. They can remove you as CEO. I placed a closed fist on the table between us.

If our BOD wants to sabotage this company, then let them go right ahead.

Falling in love with romance one page at a time

They could pressure you to do this, and if you refuse, they could claim breach of fiduciary duty. She is more important to me than a hundred boards of directors.

This company can go fuck itself if it comes to that. I looked down at the cold food, now completely uninterested in eating. Nevertheless, we continued our meal in silence with a thick side of tension. Then Jordan coughed into a fist without taking his eyes off his plate. He reminded me of a commentator on an infomercial, blithely trying to sell me something.

No one plans on getting divorced when they are young and in love and newly married. I get it. This was us, Emilia and me—our relationship, our trust, our future laid bare to be examined, defined, and documented by lawyers. What would she think if I were to plunk a contract down in front of her and ask her to sign it?

While I could tell her that the board was forcing me to do it, why would I? It was worth fighting for.Why not profit from it? The only thing that was marginally illegal was our meeting on US soil to iron out the details of the deal.

The pace was too slow and I did not expect nor like the renaissance fair stuff. Let me know when you want your bank account balanced.

For The Win

Good luck. Marbrow for years. We chatted for a few more minutes before we traveled to the same game zone—the place where our characters were located, the Misty Caverns, in order to go hunt bad guys together.

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